Gifts Under $10

Bathtub Wine Glass Holder Unwind after a long day by soaking and drinking with help from this bathtub wine glass holder. Rather than trying to balance the glass on the ledge of the tub, it allows you to conveniently keep it at hand’s reach while you enjoy a delicious hot bubble bath.
Mini Spa Gift Box Keep your sweetie looking as radiant as ever by giving her this mini spa gift box. Each box contains small sample sized bottles of naturally made bath salts, body scrubs, and face creams designed to keep skin feeling great and looking young.
Aromatherapy Lavender Sleep Mask Sleep more soundly than ever by slipping on this aromatherapy lavender sleep mask before you hit the hay. It features a flower outer fabric, a 100% unbleached cotton face-side fabric, and is filled with organic lavender flowers that’ll relax you and help you stay sound asleep.
Full Bottle Of Wine Glass Don’t get sad when your doctor says you can only have one glass of wine per day – get creative and have just one glass with this massive chalice that can hold one whole bottle of wine inside of it! It’s a must-have for alcoholics on the brink of self-destruction.
Water Bottle With Compartment With its nifty built-in storage compartment, the Kangaroo water bottle is the simple solution to staying hydrated and also keeping your keys, ID, and money on you when you go running. The Kangaroo bottle comes in a wide variety of colors as well.
2-in-1 Citrus Peeler And Zester Class up your cocktails with exotic garnishes using this 2-in-1 citrus peeler and zester. It’s crafted from durable food safe plastic in the shape of a bright green chameleon that looks like he’s eating the orange peel as you move along the fruit’s surface.
Dust Mopping Slippers Get some cleaning done around the house without lifting a finger with these dust mopping slippers. You can even up your cleaning efficiency by freeing your hands for other cleaning jobs while you effortlessly clean the floors just by walking around.
Hidden Lipstick Knife The hidden lipstick knife is one make-up accessory that conceals a lot more than just blemishes. Upon opening and twisting the lipstick, a razor sharp knife reveals itself in place of actual lipstick. It’s a must have discrete self defense weapon for any woman.
Easy Clean Water Bottle There is no easy way to clean a typical re-usable water bottle – until now – the easy clean water bottle has a detachable lid at both the bottom and top, giving you easy access to clean off the build up of bacteria you normally wouldn’t be able to reach in a water bottle.
Shower Shaving Foot Rest The shower shaving foot rest is the leg-shaving woman’s truest companion in the shower. For those women who like a clean shaven leg without the fuss of sitting down in the bath or falling down with legs splayed, this foot rest saves, and shaves, the day.
Measuring Label Cake Batter Dispenser See to it that your treats come out just right by following the recipe to the T using this measuring label cake batter dispenser. One side displays measurements in cups while the other side displays in milliliters so you always have the perfect pour.
Strawberry Hollowing Tool Now you can hollow out a strawberry with ease thanks to this amazing strawberry hollowing tool. Perfect for prepping strawberries for a multitude of dessert styles, this strawberry hollowing tool is easy to use and easy to clean, and can also be used on other fruits.